One Less Orphan: Family-run thrift store helps families who want to adopt children

PORT ORCHARD  --  Once you’re inside, it’s hard not to feel at home.

Bethany Tilzey and her husband, Dennis, have seven kids.  And many hands make light work. Their thrift store, called “One Less Orphan," is family-run.

“We adopted two little girls from China three years ago," says Bethany.  “We got matched up with our first little girl, Erienne, who was 18 months at the time and then a few months later, we were contacted again."

After adopting their two little girls, the Tilzeys wanted to do more.  Bethany says the shop was just an idea, but soon the space became available and donations for merchandise just came pouring in.

“My husband’s an aerospace engineer and I’m a homeschooling mom. That’s what we do. We’ve never worked in retail before, either of us. We have no idea what we are doing,” says Bethany.

What the Tilzey family lacks in formal business training, they make up for in heart.  Their goal is to use their profits to help other families with adoption costs, which can really add up quickly.

“If we are able to use our profits from our store to provide hope for one more kid to enter a family, to not be left behind in any way, creating therefore one less orphan, that is what we want to do,” says Bethany.

The Tilzeys are as unique as the items they sell: musical instruments, walkie talkies, even porcelain figurines.  Bethany home schools the kids, and above all else, she wants them to understand what it means to give back.

“It is not for everyone, it is not for every family.  It is not the easiest thing in the world and it’s not supposed to be, it’s a big deal. Adoption is a big deal. Orphan care is a big deal,” says Bethany.

Sometimes it takes a village.  And sometimes you have to build your own.

“There's going to be sacrifice. It’s going to rock your world and it should, because you are saving, you are changing a life. So it should change your world,” says Bethany.

The Tilzey family says they are working to get their 501c3 right now.  One Less Orphan is open Tuesday through Saturday in Port Orchard.