One day sale, Go See Cal, and Russ Dunmire: Here are the 10 catchiest Washington ad jingles of all time

SEATTLE - Have you lived in Western Washington long enough to remember Cal Worthington? Or when they took three key words out of the United Furniture Warehouse commerical? How about just long enough to remember the iconic theme song for the state fair?

With the Seattle Boat Show underway this weekend, we got to  thinking about our favorite local ad jingles of all time. Here are our favorite 10, in no particular order.

United Furniture Warehouse

It happened so long ago that we can't even find a video of it. But we swear we're not crazy - way back in the day, the jingle was United BUY AND SELL Furniture Warehouse. If you've lived here long enough, you're thrown for a loop to this day when you sing along.

Do the Puyallup

Tragically, this campaign ended last year after nearly 30 years. But man, this original version is just amazing.

Cal Worthington

Trust  us - if you don't know about Cal Worthington, spend the next three minutes watching this. "Go see Cal" is perhaps the most amazing ad campaign ever to come out of this state.

The Boat Show

Here's the one that got us talking about our favorite jingles in the first place. It hasn't been around as long as some of the others, but it quickly took its place in the ranks.

Pierre Money Mart

This has to be the most remembered phone number in Seattle history.

Russ Dunmire

Russ Dunmire is still going strong, but this add from 1979 is a work of art.

Sleep Country USA

We recently said good night to Sleep Country USA and hello to Sleep Train. But the ad will never die.

Mattress Ranch

The jingle is more than enough; the dance is the icing on the cake.

Bon Marche (One Day Sale)

If reggae music reminds you of back to school shopping, you're from here.

Princess Marguerite steamship <>

This one goes WAY back, but if you remember it - you remember it.