Olympia business threatened over Pride flag: 'We're going to stand up against bullies'

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Business owners in Olympia say they feel attacked after someone left a hateful letter on their window because they were displaying a Pride flag.

Jesse Floch and Kelli Tagles have owned Gatsby Parlor De Beauté since January. For them, it's more than a salon.

"It's important to have a space in your community where people can come no matter what," Tagles said.

That's why what happened to their shop this week is so surprising.

"It was shocking," Tagles said.

Someone put a letter on their window telling them to take down their Pride flag.

"When I see something like that it feels like a threat to me," Floch said.

The owners say what happened later in the week made them feel even more threatened.

Jesse and Kelli said early Thursday morning someone broke their window. They say this is the second time this has happened to them in less than a year, but they're not letting the attacks slow them down.

"We're not going to be scared, either," Floch said. "We're going to stand up against bullies."

Instead of taking down their flag, they are adding even more.  Jesse and Kelli say that no matter what, they won't let anyone intimidate them or tell them how to run their business or live their lives.

"If someone comes and says they don't like our flag, too bad," Tagles said. "Guess what: You don't have to come in here."

The group Capital City Pride, which puts on the Pride parade, is in the process of raising $1,600 to help pay for the broken window.