OK, let's try this courthouse appearance again...

TACOMA — Leroy Phillip Scott, who escaped from a Pierce County courtroom while facing a charge of eluding police – yes, eluding police – surrendered Sunday,  nearly three months after  his dramatic courtroom run.

Scott, 33, gave himself up as police found him at a house at 504 S. Ainsworth  in Tacoma.

Scott was out on $10,000 bail when he showed up in court in late February to hear the verdict on charges of eluding police and driving with a suspended/revoked license. However, he had a change of heart at one point in court.

In the video below, you can see Scott, in the neon green Seahawks jersey, pacing around, getting mad and then he tries fighting past the deputy, who takes him down to the ground. But Scott gets up, jumps over the jury box, and runs out of the courthouse.

Chances are the security in his next court appearance will be a little tighter.