Ohio bar criticized over 9/11-themed drink

AKRON, Ohio — A controversial new drink being sold at a downtown Akron bar is drawing harsh criticism from people across the country.

The red, white and blue concoction is called "the 9/11" and is reportedly being sold at a bar called Karma Kafe on South Main Street.

A picture of the shot was posted on Instagram as “Today’s special, the 9/11 shot only $4.00!!!!,” according to WJW.

Originally it also said, “Because why not capitalize on something that happened 18 years ago,” but that’s since been deleted.

Reactions to it have been coming in from across the country and many are clearly upset.

One person wrote, “big yikes,” and another asked “What kind of a low life piece of (expletive) are you?”

WJW reached out to the bar’s manager for comment, but  has not received a response.


However, on Instagram, someone from @KarmaKafeAkron responded to the criticism saying, “We forgot there are some lame-0s who can’t handle sarcasm. It’s a shame really.”

They also posted: “All publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right.”