Obama has sore throat, makes quick visit to doctor

(CNN) -- President Barack Obama underwent a routine CT scan Saturday afternoon after visiting Walter Reed National Military Medical Center because of a sore throat, according to the White House and his doctor.

The president's doctor said the CT scan was normal and that Obama's symptoms "are consistent with soft tissue inflammation related to acid reflux."

The doctor's visit was not on the White House schedule for Saturday and reporters hustled to join the president's motorcade to Water Reed in Bethesda, Maryland. The president left the hospital 28 minutes after arriving.

Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, Obama's physician, issued a statement later Saturday.

"This morning, an ear, nose and throat specialist from Fort Belvoir Medical Center conducted a fiber optic exam, under my supervision, of the President's throat based on symptoms of sore throat over the past couple weeks. The exam revealed soft tissue swelling in the posterior throat and I, in consultation with the specialist, determined that further evaluation with a routine CT scan was prudent.

"The CT scan was conducted this afternoon purely as a matter of convenience for the President's schedule. The CT scan was normal. The President's symptoms are consistent with soft tissue inflammation related to acid reflux and will be treated accordingly."

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the President had been complaining of a sore throat.

The President visited Jackson for his periodic checkup in May. Jackson described Obama's overall health as "excellent."

The checkup information, released in June, was the third medical report released by the White House during Obama's presidency.