NRA and Second Amendment Foundation file lawsuit against Seattle over new gun law

Friday, the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, and Mayor Jenny Durkan in response to the city’s new gun law.

The law requires owners to keep their guns locked up.

“We can’t stand by when our communities and our children are threatened by levels of violence that are unacceptable to us,” said Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Members of the Second Amendment Foundation say the city’s new law oversteps its boundaries.

“How do they expect to enforce something like that,” said Dave Workman with the Second Amendment Foundation.

Workman says he believes the city’s focus on safety is just a smoke screen for what he says is the real goal of the law.

“The purpose isn’t safe fire arms, they are trying to erode the states preemptive statute,” said Workman.

Workman says the city’s new gun-lock law isn’t legal, and while the city has tried to go around state laws before, it hasn’t worked. Workman says he doesn’t believe this new law will be on the books for long.

“What a person does in the privacy of their own home is really none of the city’s business,” said Workman.

Seattle City Attorney, Pete Holmes, says he is not surprised by the lawsuit.

“If the NRA and SAF want to be on record fighting responsible gun ownership, that’s their choice,” said Holmes.

City officials say Everytown for Gun Safety and Orrick LLP offered to represent the city for free in this lawsuit.