No new details following trio of Seattle shootings leaves locals on edge

Outside Rainier Teriyaki, incense burns near the doors of the restaurant. 

The store is closed. Flowers and sympathy cards are accumulating at the door, where patrons walked through with regularity just days earlier.

"I’ve known them for 10-plus years," a nearby business owner said, noting when she first saw the police crime scene tape going up she didn’t realize how bad it was. "We didn't get the news he didn't make it until 20, 30 minutes later."

Family friends posted a QR code on the restaurant’s door linking back to a GoFundMe identifying the victim as Hansoo Kim. Kim is described as a family-man with a wife and three children, the type of person who would lend a helping hand to anyone.

The Kim family owns the restaurant where he was killed. According to the Seattle Police Chief, three men appeared to have covered their faces while attempting to rob the restaurant – Kim ended up shot in the chest.

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"This weekend has not been the ideal weekend," Chief Diaz said upon arriving on the scene of the shooting late Saturday night.

Diaz noted that three people were shot in the Capitol Hill area early that morning. A few hours before the deadly shooting outside of Rainier Teriyaki a man was grazed in the head with a bullet – the victim crashed their car while trying to evade a gunman. The crash knocked a few thousand people off the power grid.

A public information officer with Seattle Police noted there were no updates when asked about any potential suspects, arrests or details into the motive behind any of the shootings.

Over on First Hill, a bartender at Comet Tavern said it was concerning. A bullet broke through a window from a shooting on the street. She said employees that were inside at the time believe it was a drive-by shooting that left three people injured.

No one inside the bar was hurt, but security guards took precautions by rushing nearby people inside and getting them to exit out a backdoor away from the shooting.

Back in the Mount Baker neighborhood where the Kim’s family restaurant is, neighbors are concerned to know that whoever was behind the shooting is still on the run. In fact, the nearby business owner noted that someone was spotted chasing someone with a knife since the shooting.

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"It’s kind of like the Wild, Wild West out here," she said. "I just wish more people paid attention. They’re not taking this place as serious as most neighborhoods. I don’t want things like this to happen just to get attention."