Newer options for passenger-only ferries on the horizon

SEATTLE - Nobody likes that dreadful commute you endure traveling in and out of the city daily.  We often look for other alternatives to ease that pain whether it is on a bike, walk or taking a ferry.

Passenger-only ferries are said to be a comfortable way to travel, usually providing a seat for all passengers and allowing them the ability to use the travel time to work or relax and enjoy the views.  Since Washington State Ferries are never impacted by roadway traffic, they offer a consistent and reliable means of travel.

The new potential routes being considered for a foot-ferry would be Ballard to downtown Seattle to the Expedia campus in Interbay and Kenmore to the University of Washington, Madison Park, Leschi, or Portage Bay areas.

King County Metro is asking for feedback on how you currently travel to better understand whether a new passenger-only ferry could be an option.

You can provide your feedback here.  They are also open to any comments or suggestions that you may have on the service.