New year means new laws take effect: What you need to know

SEATTLE -- In Washington and across the country there are new regulations on everything from what you put in your garbage to minimum wage and even tiger selfies.

Minimum wage workers in at least 20 states are getting a raise on January 1st. Washington has the highest minimum wage in the country at $9.47 an hour.

Seattle's $15 an hour minimum wage will be phased in over the next several years.

In all, 29 states will have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum of $7.25.

If you live in Seattle, you could be fined if you don't sort your compost from you trash. This applies not just to food waste, but also things like pizza boxes, napkins and paper towels.

Homeowners could get a $1 fine for each offense. Businesses and apartment buildings will receive two warnings and then potentially a $50 fine.

California has added more than 900 new laws this year, some of which could have a ripple effect nationwide. Starting Thursday, all egg-laying hens must be raised in  humane conditions meaning they have to be able to stand up, lie down and fully extend their wings.

This year, California universities receiving financial aid from the state must adopt a new sexual assault policy with an 'affirmative consent standard,' also known as 'yes means yes.'

And some undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for a California driver license in the new year.

Possibly the most interesting new law is New York's tiger selfie ban. Starting in February, it will be illegal to pose for a photo with a lion, tiger or other big cats.

This is apparently becoming a huge problem because big cat selfies are really popular online especially among young men on dating sites, according to the Wall Street Journal.