New 'Tiger Cam' at Woodland Park Zoo offers live look into Banyan Wilds

SEATTLE -- Woodland Park Zoo has launched a 24/7 live web cam showcasing its three tigers in the zoo's new exhibit called Banyan Wilds.

The zoo is home to three Malayan tiger brothers named Eko, Liem and Olan.

"Woodland Park Zoo’s Tiger Cam faces east into the Banyan Wilds exhibit with a long view toward the tigers’ stream, a heated napping area, and trees through which the tigers might be spotted slinking and stalking as they explore. Tiger Cam viewers are encouraged to keep an eye out for instinctive behaviors from the boys, including patrolling, stalking, pouncing, marking their home territory and napping; there will almost certainly be a good amount of napping, after all, cats will be cats."

Click here to view the live Tiger Cam >>