New rules explained for I-405 express toll lanes

BOTHELL, Wash.  -- Officials gave the media the 4-1-1 about the new changes coming to I-405 because they are trying to get the word out to all 250,000 drivers who use that busy interstate on a regular day.

Beginning Sept. 27, the new express toll lanes on I-405 will begin. Tolls will range from 75 cents to $10.

Drivers we spoke with were split on the issue. Some people valued their time more than money.

Rebecca Gerhardt said, "If I think I am going to get there a little quicker, a couple bucks is worth my time."

Another major change is to the carpool rule. During peak hours, carpools require three people per vehicle instead of two to qualify for the new toll lane.

Washington State Patrol troopers say they will pull over violators to educate them for the first few weeks. After that, violators will get tickets to keep people safe and honest.

WSDOT has posted a lot of material regarding these changes on the internet. To learn more visit