Report: 1 in 3 in Western US face significant wildfire exposure - check your risk here

An interactive tool is helping people understand their risk for wildfires, flooding and other climate impacts.

About 1 in 3 people in the Western United States face a significant chance of wildfire exposure, according to a Washington Post analysis of data collected by First Street Foundation.

Nearly 72 million homes nationwide face some wildfire risk this year - and the risk is even higher in the Western United States.

"In total, approximately 71.8 million homes have some level of wildfire risk in 2022, growing by 11.1% to 79.8 million by 2050, owing to the impact of a changing climate."

According to a new report called "Fueling the Flames," about 480,800 properties in Washington state have at least 0.03% likelihood of being in a wildfire this year (or a 1% chance in the next 30 years). That's about 15.9% of all properties in the state. And of those, 110,100 properties have at least a 0.2% risk (or 6% in the next 30 years).

Spokane County has the most properties at some risk of fire this year, with more than half (54% or 111,800 properties) with at least a 0.03% chance of wildfire. Yakima, Benton, Okanogan, and Chelan Counties fill out the top five, in that order.

While Douglas County is ranked #7 for total number of properties at risk, it is #1 for percentage of properties in the danger zone: 87.1% of properties there have at least some risk, followed by Chelan at #2 in risk percentage. More than 80% of all properties have at least some fire risk.