New poll shows Clinton favored over Sanders in Oregon week before Democratic primary

PORTLAND -- A new poll shows that with a week left before the Oregon Democratic primary, the state's voters are favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by 48-33%.

DHM Research surveyed 901 likely Democratic Party voters between May 6-9 for Oregon Public Broadcasting and FOX12 Oregon (KPTV/Portland).  Among those Democrats -- Oregon's Democratic primary is a closed election in which only registered Democrats can vote -- Clinton led Sanders 48% to 33%.

In voters older than 45, KPTV said, Clinton sees twice the support of Sanders, but in those younger than 45, the Vermont senator has three times the support as the former secretary of state.

Clinton is also polling stronger with those who vote more frequently, as well as those who have already returned their ballots.

The research also looked at a "high turnout" model, where younger voters voted at similar rates to older voters and new and infrequent voters went to the polls at historic levels, and while Sanders closed the gap, Clinton still is polling ahead 45 percent to 38 percent.