New photos released of 8 calves born to our local, endangered orca population since December 2014

SEATTLE -- Recent photos were released Monday of eight calves born to our Southern Resident orca population since December 2014.

The Pacific Whale Watch Association said that crews in the Puget Sound are reporting that "the kids" from the "Class of 2015" appear to be healthy, active and thriving.

One of the eight was designated J50, later nicknamed "Scarlett," which was thought to have been 'mid-wived" by her family, pulled out of her mother's womb by other members of the L-Pod on Dec. 30, 2014. "Within days, whale watchers reported the calf to be remarkably rambunctious, breaching frequently, almost as if she was celebrating her miracle birth," the association said.

Had J50 been born a couple days later, the eight calves born to the Southern Residents would’ve been one short of a record for births in the population since Orca Survey began in 1976, the association said.

In addition, these calves were born in 2015:

J51 or “Nova” is first seen on February 15th  -- mother is J41 or “Eclipse.”

L121 or “Windsong” is first seen mid-February – mother is L94 or “Calypso.”

J52 or “Sonic” is first seen March 30th – mother is J36 or “Alki.”

L122 or “Magic” is first seen September 4th or 5th – mother is L91 or “Muncher.”

J53 or “Kiki” (short for Kikisoblu) is first seen on October 24th – mother is J17 or “Princess Angeline.”

L123 or “Lazuli” is first seen in early November 2015 and confirmed in December 2016 – mother is L103 or “Lapis.”

J54 or “Dipper” is first seen December 1st – mother is J28 or “Polaris.”