New crime-fighting map in Snohomish County goes online for Everett residents

EVERETT, Wash. --  It’s a new tool the Everett Police Department wants the public to know about -- a crime map that breaks down 911 calls in your neighborhood.

On Wednesday, Everett barista Claire Gaston was happy to hear about the new resource after a recent break-in of her coffee stand.

“We found out we were broken into Monday morning,” Gaston said.

A crook broke the locks to Marathon Coffee and took off with cash.

The break-in makes Gaston want to keep tabs on other crimes going on near her.

“If anything bad was happening, I would love to know,” Gaston said.

Now she can with an online crime map.  It breaks down the crime down to the date, time and street.

You can type in your address to find out the crimes nearby and even tailor your search to a specific crime.

“It greatly expands what our capabilities were,” Everett Police Capt. Greg Lineberry said.

For example you can click on motor vehicle thefts and that brings up a list of car thefts in your area and it even shows when the criminals are striking the most.

“Citizens can see that Friday has the most frequency on when motor vehicles are taken and Sunday has the second most frequency,” Lineberry said. is ready for Everett residents now but in less than two weeks crimes all across Snohomish County will light up the map.

“This map could definitely tell somebody where there is a good place to live, a good place to work,” Everett resident Jay Bierman said.

More awareness for the public and an extra crime fighting tool for police.

“On the patrol side, knowing when and where the crimes are occurring,” Cassondra Dailey with Everett Police said.

Everett police say you can also look up registered sex offenders.

Most 911 calls are on the map, with the exception of domestic violence cases and child abuse, due to privacy issues.