Neighbors say Everett home where deadly shooting happened is notorious for issues

FOX 13 News dug into the records of a home in Everett, where a double fatal shooting happened earlier this week, and discovered the property has caused issues in the past.

On Monday, Evert Police responded to a home on the 2000 block of Lexington Avenue, for a shooting.

Police say they found two men in their 40s dead inside the home. Another man in his 40s was also shot. Medics raced him to the hospital.

FOX 13 News discovered there was another shooting at this same location about two years ago.

According to police records from May 2020, a woman lured a man into the home to talk about a stolen RV.

Once inside, the woman, her boyfriend, and a 46-year-old man beat the victim, stole his phone, and shot him when he tried to escape, police said.

FOX 13 News found out in the last two and a half years, police have received about twenty 911 calls because of this property. However, police say none of the calls have been for violent crimes.

FOX 13 News spoke to neighbors who say the property has been a constant issue. While off-camera, neighbors told us at any given time, there could be upward of a dozen, or more people living in the home.

City officials tell us the home had been condemned in the past. 

Documents FOX 13 News obtained, show the property was a repeat offender for code issues including having too much junk, inoperable cars, and too many cars out on the yard, and for having people living in an RV on the property.

On Wednesday, a judge set bail at $5 million dollars for Shayne Baker. Police say Baker is the person responsible for the double fatal shooting on Monday at the property on Lexington Avenue.

Police say the same model gun, and same caliber bullets used in the shooting on Monday, were also used a day earlier at a shooting on Colby Avenue.

That shooting sent a man in his 30s to the hospital. At last check, that man was in critical condition. Police say they are still investigating.