Neighbors hide from bullets during deadly chase, shoot out with police

SEATTLE – Neighbors find themselves in the middle of a deadly carjacking, shooting and police chase throughout Northeast Seattle.

A carjacking suspect is dead after a violent shoot-out and chase with police. Police dodging bullets during the chase – to the horror of drivers

“Firing off shots and ramming cars all at the same time,” witness Henry Smelser explained in Montlake. “Get down, stay down! There are shots going off. You don't want to get hit.”

Police say the carjacker – a white man in his 30’s – went inside a downtown coffee shop with a gun. Next a Belltown tattoo parlor, where outside  police say he stole his first car at gunpoint.

“The suspect was actually firing from the vehicle at officers while he was driving,” SPD Chief Kathleen said during a press briefing.

Then a frantic pitstop at the University of Washington tennis center. The second stolen car of the day belonged to Adam Tratt.

“This guy comes in holding 2 guns, waiving them around demands keys,” carjacking victim Adam Tratt explained. “My kids are sitting right there so I told them to run away and thankfully they listened and locked themselves in the bathroom.”

The carjacker made it to the Ravenna neighborhood in Tratt’s minivan before a final deadly shootout with police.

“He crashed the car, got out of the car and engaged with the police with gunfire and he is now deceased,” Chief O'Toole added.

As many as eleven officers are believed to have exchanged fire with the man. Several officers and drivers hit by the carjacker during the hour-long chase had to be treated by medics. Amazingly, no bystander got hit by the gunfire.

“We all need to step up as a country and address the issue of gun violence,” Mayor Ed Murray concluded during the press briefing.

Those eleven officers are on administrative leave. This investigation will be a long and intricate one, as detectives recreate the scene that covered miles of Seattle roadway.