Neighborhoods band together after string of burglaries on Eastside

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Bellevue Police, Medina Police and Clyde Hill Police are all working together to identify suspects in a string of burglaries over the weekend. Victims said that crooks ignored the alarm systems and broke into homes during daylight hours, some while people were home.

Some of the places that have been targeted are multimillion-dollar homes with security systems, but victims said if the thieves can be so bold in these instances, they can do it anywhere.

Using her computer and the social network site, Roseanne Jones is warning as many people as she can about the recent burglaries in and around her Vuecrest neighborhood in Bellevue.

"I think if we can clue people in and let them know what’s going on, then we’ll have a better chance of catching these people," said Jones.

Bellevue Police said they’re investigating at least three burglaries from this weekend; neighboring Clyde Hill Police released an alert saying they’ve had two burglaries; and Medina Police area looking into an attempted burglary.

"On this specific series, these happened within a few hours from each other, and on the same day," said officer Seth Tyler with Bellevue Police. "It’s concerning that these are happening during the day and when some of these homes are occupied."

Medina Police said the burglars were in a tan or gold SUV and could be casing homes by knocking on doors to see if people are home. Victims say what’s also concerning is that the burglars are breaking into homes, even ones with security systems.

"There are some criminals that are very determined, and they are going to break into a house no matter what," said Tyler.

However, police say it’s why it’s important to have good-quality surveillance cameras, which will help in identifying the suspects.

At this point, the police agencies aren’t saying that all these cases are connected but they’re certainly looking into them.