Near-record heat in Olympia has fans and AC systems flying off shelves

Olympia had its hottest day of the year, breaking into the lower 90s Monday afternoon. Many families cooled off in the Deschutes River at Pioneer Park in Tumwater.

"I’m pretty hot. I’m pregnant so it’s even worse for me. So we’re splashing around, putting on goggles, going under, swimming, just hanging out," said Kayla Rodriguez.

With the first round of 90 degree temperatures in the south Sound and more to come, the Olympia Fire Department says the summer heat can be very dangerous for those most vulnerable like children.

"Children can play out in the sun beyond to the point that it’s safe, so continue to watch them. Watch their skin color, if they’re sweating, if they need water, make sure they get those breaks if they need it," said Assistant Fire Chief Michael Buchanan.

Olympia resident Emily Wilson dusted off her sun umbrella to stay cool while running errands at Olympia Supply.

"This is my number one. Absolutely love this. It’s like a canvas. It really blocks the heat and it’s pretty much my go to in the sun," said Wilson.

Olympia Supply says fans and AC systems are flying off their shelves. They sell about 30 a day.

"We went through a ton of fans today and we're running low so good thing we backordered some, we got more coming in, but get them before it’s too late," said Victor Barnes.

Next weekend, models are suggesting pockets of triple digits in and around the south Sound. Olympia Fire says it is critical to take all precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe in the coming days.

"See how your family and friends are doing. Anybody that's living alone or potentially vulnerable to heat, check on them regularly and see how they're doing," said Buchanan.