NBC's Brian Williams: Weatherman wasn't 'writing his name in the snow' & you owe him an apology for thinking he was

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- What some thought was a weatherman urinating in the snow was apparently just a miscommunication.

And for that, "Social media owes our friend Mike Seidel an apology," NBC anchor Brian Williams said.

A live weekend segment on the "NBC Nightly News" showed meteorologist Mike Seidel caught off guard while covering a snowstorm in North Carolina.

Almost immediately, the moment took off on social media.

This didn't sit well with NBC's Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who addressed the issue on Monday night's broadcast.

"The intrepid and fearless Weather Channel meteorologist was the victim of some wild misinformation," he said.

Williams explained the broadcast actually showed Seidel trying to reconnect his communications with NBC. Seidel had been unable to hear weekend anchor Lester Holt through his earpiece, Williams said.

Williams' request for an apology has a point: The story was shared on Facebook, Twitter and by many news organizations before anyone could really confirm what actually happened.

"A BIG thanks to Brian Williams for having my back!," Seidel, with NBC sister station The Weather Channel, tweeted Monday. "He cleared up internet rumor about what I was REALLY doing."

Williams wrapped up the statement on Monday by saying that the rumors of Seidel "writing his name in the snow" was in fact just the weatherman "working to make it right."

And that's one of the reasons, Williams said, the network loves working with Seidel.