National Night Out in Seattle brings neighbors together to focus on safety

SEATTLE -- National Night Out Against Crime brought out hundreds of Seattle neighbors around the city.

“We can share ideas of how can we feel safer in the community,” says Juan Hernandez.

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’toole made appearances at a handful of events around Seattle, chatting with neighbors about crime prevention and the importance of a good block watch.

“The community can bring specific concerns to our attention.  There’s no better public safety tool than a neighborhood that comes together and really takes responsibility and works closely with the police,” says O’Toole.

Some gatherings were just a few households. Others, like South Park, took up an entire block.

“Back in the day we didn’t have something like this.  Whether it’s about learning about what you can do differently in your house; your light or how tall your bushes are; simple things like that, so that your neighbors can see your house,” says Anna Marti.