Nanny who caught package thief says she is 'not afraid' to put criminals in check

EVERETT, Wash. - Packages are starting to arrive for the holiday season and while you wait for them to get to your doorstep, so do the package thieves

One local nanny is sharing how she caught a package thief in the act, and the video is now going viral.

A camera on the doorbell of the home caught the footage as a woman walks up to the front door, grabs a package and runs to the getaway car that’s slowly driving away.

Just as the woman throws the package in the car and tries to get in, the driver bolts, causing the thief to fall.

"It was very intense,” said Kate Anderson, the nanny at the home watching a 1-year-old baby when the theft happened.

She says the package arrived, and 10 minutes later so did the thieves. Anderson says she believes the thieves were following the delivery driver and knew what they were doing.

Anderson described the thief as nicely dressed. "She had a dog in her jacket, this is just crazy,” she said.

Crazy didn’t stop Anderson. She says she saw the woman pick up the package from the front door and ran after her.

"I continued to run and like 'Hey, you're not a nice person! I see you, and you're stealing from me and when I was on the ground, I kind of kept her there,” said Anderson.

Anderson says the woman tried to tell her she wasn’t stealing.

"That's when she was literally like I was just checking your address, and I was like, 'No girl, I just saw you steal something."

She marched the woman back to the home and held her outside the garage for eight minutes until police arrived and arrested her.

"If someone is doing something wrong, I'm not afraid to put them in check,” said Anderson.

The homeowner and a longtime friend of Anderson says she can see why thieves went after her package.

"We're a house on the corner, it's a busy street, I understand why they would target our house,” said Smith.

Smith’s husband happened to install The Ring camera just a few weeks ago but never expected to catch criminals in the act. As for Kate, her last day was Friday, but now she may have a new title to add to her resume.

"Maybe we'll just have to keep Kate as our bouncer keeping our packages and belongings safe all the time,” said Smith.