'Nail Fairy' lights up faces of kids at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital -- and also their fingernails

TACOMA -- There's a very special volunteer at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and she's not only helping young patients look their best, but, more importantly, feel good, too.

Martina Ngo -- owner of Tina's Traveling Nails but also known as "The Nail Fairy" -- moseys down the halls of Mary Bridge in her tutu, Seahawks jersey and fairy wings every other Friday with an arsenal of nail-painting shades for the patients.

She has all colors of the rainbow on her, but you can guess which ones she uses most.

"Everybody I have polished today is all green and blue," she said Friday. "I haven't touched any other color."

She comes in with the colors, and brings out smiles of the kids at Mary Bridge, many of whom are fighting chronic or life-threatening illnesses. It's the best part of the day for some kids who rarely get to leave their beds.

"Now I'll be seeing a lot more kids because I have temporary tattoos for the boys, because I didn't want to leave the boys out."

Ngo is a licensed manicurist who was working at a salon in Tacoma's Stadium District when a client inspired her to take her show on the road. And the children are glad she did.

"It makes me feel good because it makes me feel better," patient Kaylee Waugh said. "It makes me happier, too, because somebody cared enough to come do that for me."

If you would care to donate unused nail polish to Ngo, click here for her gofundme.com page.