MUST WATCH: QVC host, designer get in WAY over their heads debating science

LOS ANGELES -- You have to feel bad for QVC presenters. All that talking, and nothing much to say. They're bound to say something, um, less than intelligent.

But this flub takes the cake.

Presenter Shawn Killinger and guest designer Isaac Mizrahi got into an argument of galactic proportions recently, heatedly disagreeing on whether the Moon is a star or a planet.

That's right, Killinger and Mizrahi can't agree whether Earth's Moon is a star or a planet.

"The moon is a planet, darling," Mizrahi tells Killinger.

"Didn't you do that thing in grade school where you had to name the plants," Killinger responds. "There's Uranus, there's Saturn, there's the one with the rings. The Moon is never in there, dude, it's not a planet."

Mizrahi asks his producer "Chunky" to Google the answer, at which point Chunky discovers the moon is in fact a natural satellite.

Mizrahi still can't believe it.

"But things live on it," he says. "That means it's a planet."

Of course, the Internet is having a field day over this.

"This should serve as inspiration," one YouTube commenter wrote. "The man who believes the Moon is a planet 'that things live on' is a millionaire who has a household name."

And for those still confused, the Moon is neither a planet or a star. It IS a natural satellite. The Earth's only natural satellite, in fact.