MUST SEE: Customers, workers wrangle deer that wandered into Walmart

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Shoppers and workers at a North Carolina Walmart had quite a surprise Monday when a deer wandered into the store, and they were forced to wrangle it into submission.

According to WSOC, a viewer at the store sent video of what appears to be a doe standing in the aisles. The animal quickly grew agitated, the viewer told WSOC, and customers and workers attempted to pin it down.

Eventually, animal control was called to the store to help remove the deer, WSOC reported.

Either way, it wasn't what many shoppers were expecting while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

"It was kind of a stay out of the way situation because I know if I'm in the way, it could be trouble," shopper Edmond Ratcliffe told WSOC.