MUST SEE: 7-year-old writes letter to Huffington Post after her name appears on top of 'naughty' list

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A 7-year-old girl from Michigan is pretty adamant she's never received coal in her Christmas stocking, FOX 17 reports.

In fact, she's only been in trouble "just once," she says.

So when Ella Christie saw her name on the top of Huffington Posts' "Names that most often appear on the naughty list," she took some exception.

After a "hard cry," Ella said she decided to write a letter to the "Publisher People" at the Huffington Post.

Dear Publisher People,

Hi, I’m Ella and I would like to tell you that the Bad Behaved child name list that you poblished is blony because #1 on that list was MY NAME! That made me cry!!! I’ve oly got into trouble once Just once in every grade! Flips are bad and I’ve only gotten one flip in my life!

Your Ferius Friend,


P.S. I would very much apricate it if you took that article right of the news.

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