Multi-million dollar transformation for historic Tacoma neighborhood

TACOMA -- A historic Tacoma neighborhood is undergoing a multi-million dollar transformation. The city is working on several major projects along South 38th Street to revitalize the Lincoln District.

“I think one of our big goals and we are seeing that it will happen is the connection between the community,” said Tacoma program development specialist Debbie Bingham. “People will be able to walk easier from the business district to the high school from the neighborhood to the business district.”

Tacoma Power is in the process of installing new power poles to improve the aesthetics of the neighborhood. The poles will be taller so the power lines don’t block the facades of nearby businesses. By replacing the existing poles, it will also allow for increased building heights and future development.

The Lincoln District Revitalization Project will also improve the utilities in the neighborhood, Bingham said.

Next year, the city will start working on the streetscape. It will include new public art, a gateway entrance, sidewalks, and benches. The city will also work with nearby businesses to improve their buildings and signs.

“It is going to have a completely different feel and of course we are hoping that new businesses will come in after that as well,” said Bingham.

So far, Bingham says four new businesses have moved into the Lincoln District with several others on the way.

She estimates the cost of all the projects at over $8 million dollars.