Mukilteo School District makes high school game safer following shooting incident

EVERETT, Wash. -- On Friday, Mariner High School played its first game at Goddard Stadium since last week’s shooting, which forced hundreds to evacuate.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s officials say occupants of a car leaving the school’s parking lot during last week's game started shooting toward the school. The shooting followed a fight that broke out in the parking lot of the school, law enforcement said.

No one was hurt during the shooting, but many people say evacuating the stands was chaotic and terrifying.

This week, Mukilteo School District officials say they have learned lessons following last week’s incident.

There is an increased law enforcement present at the game. At least one extra deputy patrolled the parking lot outside of the stadium, where the initial incident started.

School staff at the game, wore bright green colored vests to make them stand out among the crowd.

Signage was placed around the school showing where the exits are, and a safety announcement was made before the game started, officials said.

Kendrick Green was at the game when the shooting happened. He says he noticed the changes.

“It's a little bit more protected. You feel safer. Obviously, people still have their guards up, they’re going to have their guards up it's a traumatic experience. but it's a little better now,” he said.

Tookie Ford’s son is a senior for Mariner High School. She says safety or not there is no way she will let her son play and not be there.

“It's not about really, as a parent, me feeling safe. It's about the fact that my son is here. My son is playing. So, if something happens this week I want to know about my son. That's the most important thing to me. I pray to God nothing ever happens again, but if it does I want to be here"

Snohomish County Sheriff’s officials say last week’s shooting was gang related. They have surveillance video from the incident but have not released any pictures or videos.