Mukilteo murder suspect allegedly was jealous, angry that ex-girlfriend was dating others

EVERETT, Wash. -- The man accused of killing three people and injuring another person faced a judge Monday afternoon in Everett.

Police say Allen Ivanov opened fire at a private party late Friday night in a Mukilteo home with a Ruger AR-15 rifle that he had bought only a week ago.

Court documents allege he was jealous that his ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui, may have been seeing other men.

He allegedly told police that Bui was the first girl he had ever kissed, his dream girl, and they dated for a year and a half but he later broke it off. Still, he became enraged seeing her date other people.

The 19-year-old suspect sat quietly in Snohomish County Superior Court next to his attorney Monday.

Court documents allege that several days before the killings, Ivanov told a friend he planned a mass shooting.

Investigators believe Ivanov had been trying to get back together with his ex-girlfriend but became enraged after she posted images on social media showing her spending time with other men.

“That guy came to my house, my mom remembers him,” said Sultan Akbar, who added that he was friends with the suspect and the victims.

Akbar added that Ivanov had a history of angry outbursts.

“Explosive, getting angry explosively,” he said. “Not taking no for an answer. Being like a control freak in some times and always wanting to be in control of a situation.”

Investigators said Ivanov took his AR-15 and parked outside the Mukilteo home Friday night after learning his ex-girlfriend was inside at a party.

Court documents said that’s when Ivanov spotted her talking with another man, and that made him angry. That’s when he read the rifle’s operating manual, loaded the gun and walked up to the house.

One of the shooting victims spotted Ivanov hiding behind bushes. After a short argument, court documents say, Ivanov allegedly pulled the trigger, shooting the man.

Investigators allege that’s when Ivanov said his adrenaline kicked in, and then he made his way into the house to locate his ex-girlfriend. He found Anna Bui and shot her twice, the documents say.

Police said Ivanov then shot another man running up to the front door and then shot two more men while he perched on an upstairs balcony.

Once his gun was out of bullets, Ivanov took off in his car. Police arrested him a few hours later in Lewis County, according to court documents.

In all, police allege Ivanov shot four people, killing three: Jake Long, Anna Bui, and Jordan Long.  All of the victims were 19.

“It’s hard to think that those friends, those friends you know, they’re not laughing and smiling anymore, they’re just bodies,” said Akbar.

A judge ordered Ivanov held in jail without bail; he’s facing murder and assault charges.