Mountain snow challenges drivers for holiday travel

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash – Winter weather hammered highways across the Cascade mountain range this Thanksgiving holiday.

Several drivers spun out along Interstate-90 early Thursday morning and the snow resumed falling by late afternoon. Some families made their way up the mountain to enjoy the snow earlier Thursday afternoon with sled rides and snow ball fights.

Chris Houghton and her husband stopped for a rest at the summit – they’re heading over the Ellensburg.

“It didn’t start snowing until we pulled off,” she said.

Large, fat and wet flakes began blanketing what for most of the day had been clear.

“He left this morning to pick me up at the airport and they said chains required all vehicles so he left early,” said Houghton.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has an army of crews working snow plows and dropping sand on I-90 in order to keep your tread on the road.

It’s not just the travel to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner either – the Apple Cup in Pullman means more people will likely have to travel through this snowy mess tomorrow.

Some drivers believe others will survive the drive can easily make it as long as they use a little common sense.

“All you have to do is don’t panic, don’t freak out, just slow and steady,” said Houghton.

The winter weather is a good reminder for drivers to go over the emergency kit they all should carry while traveling. The kits should include spare water, food and a blanket to keep warm tucked somewhere in your car.

Also, even for those who drive an all-wheel drive vehicle, State Troopers are remind all drivers are required by law to carry snow chains.