Mount Vernon women accused of kidnapping foster son arrested at Sea-Tac Airport

Police say the two women accused of kidnapping their 5-year-old foster son were arrested at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Thursday.

In November, authorities began searching for a woman suspected of kidnapping her foster son. On Dec. 16, the Mount Vernon Police Department (MVPD) announced that the boy was found in Vietnam.

According to the MVPD, Amanda and Amber Dinges were arrested at SeaTac Airport when they returned to Seattle from Vietnam. The two were taken into custody at the Skagit County jail. Their first court appearance is on Friday.

The 5-year-old boy who was kidnapped is reportedly back in the United States, and is safe and sound with his biological mother.

Found in Vietnam

According to police, on Dec. 14 the child was safely taken to a United States Consulate in Hanoi, Vietnam and then flown to Tokyo, Japan.

US authorities traveled to Tokyo the next day to bring the boy home. They arrived in Seattle on Dec. 16 and the boy was to be reunited with his mother.

At the time, investigators said Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges are not in custody and known to be in Vietnam.

"International recognition of warrants and extradition is a complicated process," Mount Vernon Police said. "Investigators will continue their efforts until such time that Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges appear in court on the Kidnapping charges in Skagit County, Washington."

Why wasn't an AMBER Alert issued?

Mount Vernon police said for this case, the actual date of the abduction wasn't known and could only be estimated. 

There were no indications that the 5-year-old was believed to be in danger of imminent death or serious injuries.

Also, the child was placed in the care of the suspect and there had been no previous issues. 

According to police, these factors did not meet the guidelines for a statewide system activation.

AMBER Alerts are issued for "events that need immediate public attention to help resolve an incident."