Mother of boy allegedly killed by mistakenly released prisoner sues for $5 million

SEATTLE – The mother of a man who was allegedly killed by one of the prisoners who were mistakenly released early by the Department of Corrections is suing the state for $5 million.

Jeremiah Smith is facing murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing a Spokane teenager named Ceasar Medina while attempting to rob a tattoo parlor on May 26, 2015.

“Ceasar’s death was easily preventable had the DOC done its job and had it not knowingly released dangerous offender Jeremiah Smith from prison before his sentence had been satisfied,” reads the lawsuit, which was filed on Veronica Medina-Gonzalez’s behalf by Davis Law Group.

Another prisoner who was released early due to the DOC’s computer glitch, Robert Jackson, is facing vehicular homicide charges.

Police say he drove his girlfriend’s car drunk, killing her in a crash.