Mother, boyfriend charged with murder in death of 4-year-old boy in Seattle

A mother and her boyfriend have been formally charged in the death of a 4-year-old child in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.

According to charging documents, 23-year-old Cynthia Rose Enyeart and 20-year-old Junior Asghedom have been charged with second-degree murder. Enyeart's child was found dead in their apartment on Dec. 11 with facial bruising and a "soft head."

An autopsy conducted on Dec. 13 indicated massive blunt force trauma to the child's head, intense internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, all of which would have taken "at least several hours" to build up. According to court documents, the skull injuries were so widespread it would be difficult to determine separate bruises, indicating several strikes.

First responders were called to the apartment in Queen Anne for reports of an unresponsive child. Medical crews attempted to treat the 4-year-old child, but he was declared dead at the scene. Enyeart and Asghedom were arrested and questioned by Seattle Police, who according to court docs, initially said the child's injuries stemmed from a fall before they called 911.

When police confronted them on the inconsistencies in what they said versus the child's actual injuries, they then reportedly blamed each other for assaulting the child.

Before the recorded police interview, Enyeart could be seen messaging someone on Facebook. The person she was communicating with told her not to say anything to police, and her replies read, "I ain't no snitch," "imma jus cay[sic] he fell at my house," "But he recently did" and "He was unconscious."

Enyeart told investigators the child hit his head climbing out of the bathtub because she forgot to set a towel down—she also told them she has lived at the apartment for two years, and this was the first time she forgot to set a towel. She also told police she phoned her sister and asked Asghedom about what she should do, who reportedly both told her to call 911. She said she googled "concussion symptoms," but then said she had searched those terms before the child's fall in case anything happened.

According to court documents, Enyeart then changed her story and said Asghedom struck the boy several times in Lakewood, shook him and threw him but never told authorities "because she did not want to be a ‘snitch.’"

Docs: Mother, boyfriend facing murder charges after 4-year-old dies from apparent blunt force trauma

A mother and her boyfriend are being held for second-degree murder after the woman's 4-year-old child was found dead in a Seattle apartment, likely due to blunt force trauma, according to court documents.

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Court documents also say there have been four or five Child Protective Services intakes involving Enyeart and her child, indicating physical abuse and unexplained bruising.

When questioning Asghedom, he at first mostly corroborated Enyeart's story of the child falling out of the bathtub, but then told investigators she would punch and shove her child, and the abuse started Dec. 9—two days before the child's death. According to court docs, Asghedom said when he tried to intervene, Enyeart would threaten him with a knife. He said he was "afraid" of Enyeart because she "knew people that could hurt him," court documents say.

Concerned citizens reported to Seattle Police that Enyeart and Asghedom were deleting items from their Facebook page about the child's death, court docs say.

Neither Enyeart nor Asghedom have a prior criminal history, but prosecutors argued for $500,000 bail given the nature of the crime and the risk of violent offense.