Mother and daughter graduate together for Mother's Day

TACOMA, Wash. --  Commencement was a family affair on this Mother's Day at the University of Puget Sound.

Six moms or moms-to-be received their diplomas Sunday at a graduation in Tacoma.

Nora Seimears said being a mother in grad school was the biggest challenge of her life, adding that she cried almost every night for the first semester.

"When she would go to bed, this would be the time for me. From 9 or 10 p.m. --  then I'd have to do my homework and study," said Seimears.

Olivia Michaelson and her mother both earned degrees on Sunday.

"It's really special to have, for anyone to have their parents here who has supported them throughout their academic career, but for me having my mom specifically here and also earning her degree is just been more than I could have ever asked for," said Michaelson.

UPS has 682 graduates this year most earning bachelor's degrees.