Morning trending: Snake sweaters and Def Leppard

Where did I come from? How did I come to be? Find out in today's trending

Cat and mouse: The domestic house cat can trace its origins back thousands of years, and scientists believe they can pinpoint one of the first civilizations to tame the wild cat. Apparently, their first job may have been guarding ancient grain.

Too far? Pop band One Direction may have ripped off Def Leppard's iconic hit, Pour Some Sugar on Me and the band is seeking legal action. Hate to say it, Harry Styles, but they may have a case.

It gets better: The most powerful man in technology has struggled with discrimination, too. Apple's CEO Tim Cook gave an inspiring speech on gay rights and racism, during a recent speech at his alma mater, Auburn University. Watch it here.

Chris Brown makes bad choices:And he loses his probation. But he's not in custody, yet ... a judge could sentence him to jail time, but is apparently impressed by his progress in anger management.

Taking pet holiday sweaters to a whole new level:Because snakes get chilly, too! 

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