More than 100 gather at vigil for missing teenager

Family and friends held a prayer vigil Wednesday for missing 18-year-old Gia Fuda.

Fuda has been missing since Friday. Her family says she left in the morning and never returned.

“I can’t believe it. That many days have gone by. You lose track of the days, like, I don’t even know what day it is,” said Gia’s mom Kristin Fuda.

Investigators say her car was found on Highway 2 near Stevens Pass.

Fuda’s parents say their daughter stayed busy working with several church organizations, and on Wednesday her church family held a vigil at Real Life Church in Covington.

Kristin Fuda says her daughter worked with the youth group at the church for years. The setting is familiar for the Fuda family, and so are a lot of the faces who attended, but the reason for gathering is not.

“It’s horrible. She’s not here,” said Kristin Fuda.

The atmosphere of the evening was somber, but for the family and the more than 100 people who attended the vigil, no one is giving up hope.

“I still have faith because I know she’s out there,” said Kristin Fuda.

“We’re going to bring her home; somebody knows something,” said Gia’s father Bob Fuda.

Gia’s parents say it’s not easy to continue telling this story, but they are doing it so their daughter’s name and face will not be forgotten, and hopefully help bring her home.

The family and law enforcement ask anyone with information to call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800 222 TIPS.