More people in second tier to receive COVID-19 vaccine as more clinics open in Washington state

With plans to fast-track vaccines underway we’re seeing more clinics opening up around the state.

And with the new tier of people 65-years-old and up now being able to get vaccinates, chances are you might soon have someone in your life who’s on their way to immunity.

Today is a very happy day for Teri Hudman.

"I’m thrilled and relieved," Hudman said.

She has long been waiting for the day she and her husband could get the COVID vaccine. And the experience exceeded her expectations.

"This was such an amazing experience, the minute we got there until we left the line never backed up, it was very smooth it was efficient. They were kind it was helpful," she said.

Hudman went to Providence St. Peters in Olympia. As she got the shot she said she had a glorious thought about the future.

"It's the light at the end of the tunnel so it felt great. I'm going to feel much more comfortable going out into the world because I have autoimmune deficiency disease. If I were to get COVID I would probably die because they can't even ventilate me," Hudman said.

For almost an entire year she and her husband have been very isolated for their safety, which hasn’t been easy.

"It’s like I have to build up the courage to go into a grocery store and no one should have to live like that," she said.

Today feels like the first step back to freedom. Hudman said she is determined to help as many others with the process, including those on the fence.

"I understand you’re afraid, please get some support to deal with the fear, but the alternative could be your life so don't let being afraid keep you from saving your own life," she said.

And for the many people who do want the vaccine but are struggling to make an appointment, she said to stick with it, more clinics are forming every day.

"Be patient, be determined, be tenacious, keep going to the websites and don’t give up. Get signed up and then wait," said Hudman.