Monroe to end use of red-light cameras

MONROE -- The city of Monroe is ending its use of red-light cameras , according to the Herald newspaper.  The paper reported that Monroe Mayor Robert Zimmerman sent a letter to the city's camera vendor, Arizona-based Redflex Traffic, explaining that the city was not renewing its contract.  The city's contract expires later this year.  The Herald obtained a copy of the letter that the city sent under state public records law.

Red-light cameras have been a topic of controversy ever since the cameras were installed in 2011, the Herald reported.  Voters in Monroe voted in local elections to get rid of the cameras and local activist Tim Eyman led a legal battle to remove the cameras, the paper reported.

The state Court of Appeals in February ruled in Monroe's favor, the paper reported.

In Snohomish county, only Monroe and Lynnwood are the only cities currently using traffic-enforcement cameras to ticket people who allegedly run red lights

or speed in traffic zone, the paper reported.