Monroe neighborhood hit by several car prowls in one night

MONROE, Wash. -- Several cars are broken into in a single night in a Monroe neighborhood.

The vehicles were parked in driveways and on the street along 160th Street Southeast.  Neighbors believe the thieves struck sometime overnight or early Wednesday morning.

Richard Shaver had four of his vehicles broken into and two windows smashed, "very unsafe ... kinda scary," Shaver said.

He was heading out to work around 5 a.m. when he discovered the mess left behind and realized the prowlers ransacked his vehicles.

"Glove boxes were open, center consoles were left up, papers were moved so, yeah, they were definitely looking for something," Shaver said.

Luckily, Shaver didn't have anything of value sitting out for the thieves.  Unfortunately for another neighbor, Mike Matthias, he wasn't so lucky.

Thieves broke into his grandson's tow truck, stealing two work cell phones.  "It seems to be hitting more and more persistent around town.  It seems our street got the best of it last night," Matthias said.

Crime is such a concern for this Monroe neighborhood, people are banding together and organizing a neighborhood watch.  Monroe police are investigating the break-ins.