Monroe man raising money for classroom emergency kits

MONROE, Wash. -- A man in Monroe is working to put an emergency preparedness kit into every classroom in the local school district.

Safety has always been a big focus for Rick Webber. For about two decades, he has worked as a firefighter; now, he wants to extend those efforts into Monroe School District classrooms.

"Just knowing what can happen or the severity of a major disaster or other kind of event, our students and staff are going to need these types of supplies," Webber said.

Webber created  an emergency kits he wants every classroom in the Monroe School District to have. The supplies in the kit are based off of suggestions from school officials and safety officials.

"A basic first aid kit is just not going to be enough," said Webber.

The all hazard emergency kits come in a five-gallon bucket, that can double as a bathroom in case students are locked down for hours. The kit also includes blankets, rope, scissors, trauma pads, flash lights, dust masks, tourniquet and several other items.

Safety in the district is especially important to Webber because both his six-year-old daughter, and 10-year-old son are students. He is Working with the Monroe Public Schools Foundation to raise money to put an emergency kit in about 350 classrooms.

"It's about a $60,000 goal," he said. "It's a big goal, but there is nothing more important than our students and our staff," said Webber.

Webber says other districts are already reaching out about the emergency kits. He hopes to get them into every classroom, and hopes that they never have to be used.

"Hoping isn't enough, we need to give the tools to our staff," he said.

Webber and the foundation have already raised about $8,000. He says they've been able to cut the cost in half by constructing the kits themselves. They hope sharing this story will build more awareness and help them meet their goal of having these emergency kits in classrooms by next year.

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