Mom honored for saving little girl's life on Super Bowl Sunday

Sydney Fontenot, center, had an emergency on Super Bowl Sunday when some food got caught in her throat and even got into her lungs. Her mother's friend helped save the day, however. (Photo courtesy of family).

MAPLE VALLEY -- Bri Webb and Bree Fontenot don’t just share the same first name -- they now have a bond that will never be broken.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the families were at a friend’s house with their kids.

“We were having a great time. There was food, the kids were playing and getting excited to watch the game,” Webb said Thursday.

The moms made a snack plate for the little ones and headed downstairs with the adults.  A few minutes later, 4-year-old Connor came down and said something was wrong.

“He said, 'Mom, Sydney’s making a weird noise.'  I literally did not think anything of it.  I thought maybe she was just annoying him.  That’s what little sisters do, right?” said Fontenot.

Just one week earlier, Bri Webb had taken a CPR class and knew exactly what to do.

“I said, she’s not getting air, something is wrong, and went right into the Heimlich,” said Webb.  “Then she became unconscious and I laid her down on the floor.  Her jaw loosened up and her mom was able to remove a meatball from her throat.  At that point, she wasn’t breathing.  I gave her about four to five breaths and she made a little cough/breath sound,” said Webb.

The adults had called 911 while all this was happening and paramedics arrived and took Sydney to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Doctors found she had ingested some of the meatball into her lungs and she had to be monitored, but is now doing just fine.

Thursday night, the Maple Valley Fire Department honored Bri and Connor with certificates and a little teddy bear for their heroic efforts.

“If there wasn’t any intervention, the survivability chances would be decreased immensely.  Bri and Connor stepping up may have saved her life,” said Chief Brad Doerflinger.

Sydney’s mother is forever grateful for her friend and hero.

“I definitely think she’s a hero.  She saved my daughter’s life.  I can’t even imagine if Sydney wasn’t here.  I will be forever indebted to her and she’s never going to get rid of me now,” said Fontenot.

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