Missing Puyallup mother arrested, endangered baby recovered, police say

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Police said Tuesday night they had arrested missing Puyallup mom Myra Maria Aguilar and recovered her baby, Jeshua Taylor-Aguilar.

The mom and newborn were reported missing Aug. 14.

Puyallup police put out a “missing endangered person” alert for the then 8-day-old baby on Aug. 14. They said the mother, who is believed to have a drug problem, fled with the newborn.

Police said Jeshua was born Aug.9 at a home in Puyallup without medical personnel present and it is believed he has not received any medical care since birth.

A Pierce County Superior Court judge has issued an “Order to Take Child into Custody and Place in Shelter Care” as the baby boy is believed to be in imminent harm, police said.

Police said Jeshua’s mother was aware of the order and apparently fled with the child in an attempt to keep the child from state custody, police said.

The Puyallup Police Department said it believed the child might also have been in the presence of the child’s alleged father, Levi Jerome Taylor.

Taylor has two felony warrants for his arrest — failing to register as a sex offender, assault, and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

He apparently was not taken into custody Tuesday night.

Taylor is described as an unknown race male standing 5 foot 10 inches, weighing 190, with blue eyes and brown hair.