Missing hiker not found in North Cascades cabin, search team says

MARBLEMOUNT, Wash. -- A woman who planned an overnight hiking/camping trip in the North Cascades has not returned home.

Her family feared she was trapped in a cabin and couldn't get out due to treacherous conditions. But a search-and-rescue team said Tuesday afternoon that the woman was not inside the cabin.

Rachel Lakaduk

According to the Skagit County Sheriff's Office, 28-year-old Rachel Lakaduk of Moses Lake told her family that she was going to the Hidden Lake Lookout in North Cascades National Park on Oct. 17 and that she would return on Oct. 18.

When she didn't make it home, her family called the National Park Service. The NPS found her car at the Hidden Lake Trailhead, but when rescuers tried to hike to the lookout the next day, they had to turn back because of treacherous weather.

Monday, rescuers tried again and made it within 200 yards of the cabin and lookout, but they had to return again because of the weather.

The elevation of the cabin is 6,800 feet.

Her family has not communicated with her since Thursday.