Milton mom heartbroken after ashes of her teenage son stolen with SUV

MILTON, Wash. -- Rebecca Burton says she’s grieving the loss of her 17-year-old son, Noah, all over again.

She says he took his own life over two years ago.

“There is nothing in this world like a mother losing their child. And to have somebody come in and take him from you, it’s just unbearable,” says Rebecca.

Milton Police say someone stole Rebecca’s white Ford Explorer from her parking space inside her apartment complex sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning.  Inside the SUV, dozens of photos of Noah and a small, unique urn with Noah’s cremains inside.

“It was a silver little boxing glove about an inch and a half long by an inch wide.  I wanted to hang him on my rear view mirror to kind of protect me while I’m driving.  It’s pretty small, but very very very valuable to me,” says Rebecca.

She says her other teenage son may have lost her car keys Sunday night somewhere on the grounds of the apartment complex.

“We are thinking that they were dropped and somebody went around pushing the button, perhaps trying to figure out what car it belongs to, or the car was left unlocked,” says Rebecca.

While she hopes the SUV turns up somewhere, she can’t bear to think about what may have happened to the precious items inside -- the piece of her son that can never be replaced.

“They are going to toss them out the window like its nothing.  My pictures lying out in the rain being driven over by cars.  How does someone do that?  How do they come and take a hard-working person's vehicle?  I’ll never ever understand it,” says Rebecca.

She has this warning for anyone who dares to keep something so precious in such a vulnerable place:  “Don’t!  Don’t do it because they’re irreplaceable.

"I would suggest to keep nothing in your car,” says Rebecca.

Anyone with information can call Milton Police or email us at