Millions of gallons of raw sewage spilled in Puget Sound since treatment plant failure

SEATTLE -- The King County Wastewater Treatment Division is in the process of restoring the West Point Treatment Plant.

In February, the plant's sewer system failed during heavy rainstorms, which caused gallons of raw sewage to spill into the Puget Sound.

Since it's supposed to be warmer this weekend, we wanted to know is it safe for people to jump into the Sound.

According to county officials, since the sewer system failed, 30 million gallons of raw sewage have made its way into parts of the Sound. To break it down even further, that's about 45 Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with untreated wastewater.

King County Public Health also told Q13 News that a few beaches were closed during that time, but have since been reopened after test results showed the water is safe for public use.

County officials say, as of today, they have been able to get the wastewater 50 percent cleaner than how it was a week ago. They hope to have everything at the plant running at full capacity by April 30.