Mild, breezy and damp this week

Happy Daylight Saving Day. The sunset is now at 7:10 p.m.

We have entered the warm sector and will stay there all week long. That means our lows will be around 45 and our highs will run around 57. This is a very mild pattern. We will save on our heat bills this week.

Now onto the rainy part. It’ll be a wet week for most. Seattle gets the benefit of the rain shadow off of the Olympic Mountains so we will get the least amount of rain all week. The foothills, mountains, beaches, Everett north bound and Tacoma south bound will the most. The snow level will be very high so with all the rain in the mountains, rivers will start to run high and fast with a few rivers getting to flood stage by mid-week.

It’ll be fairly breezy this week, too, but not super stormy. Enjoy the warm weather.