Midterm election ballots out for King County voters

RENTON, Wash. – 1.3 million people in King County, the state’s largest county, will find ballots and voter pamphlets in mailboxes as soon as this weekend.

“I registered to vote when I was 18 and haven’t missed a vote since,” said King County voter Rene Karn.

The West Seattle resident says she is ready to be part of King County’s 60% voter turnout for this November.

“It looks very quiet right now, but next week it’ll look very different,” said King County Elections Chief of Staff Kendall Hodson.

The ballot scanners at the King County Elections Office is ready to count the 800,000 ballots expected to come through over the next three weeks.

The site will fill up with some 200 workers checking ballots people drop off at one of 66 ballot box locations or mailed in.

“If they’re mailing them, they no longer need a stamp which we’re really excited about,” said Hodson.

Paid postage makes it easier and more convenient to vote. You’ll also notice more drop box locations. There is now a second one in West Seattle.

“I think it’s fantastic that it’s here at the junction because it’s kind of the heart here of West Seattle,” said Karn.

“We now have a ballot drop box within three miles of 94% of King County voters,” said Hodson.

Once those ballots arrive at the Renton location, security remains top of mind. Hodson says their office has been working closely with the Secretary of State’s Office, they hosted an audit by the US Department of Homeland Security, and worked with the State Auditor’s Cyber security team all in the last year. More checks and balances to ensure your ballot is securely counted.

“Let your voice be heard whether you’re on the left or on the right or on the middle. You can’t not vote and then complain when things don’t go your way,” said Karn.

You still have time to register to vote in-person if you do it by Monday, October 29th.  Once you mail-in or drop off your ballot, you can track your ballot’s progress online.