Memorial, remembrances grow for 71-year-old Puyallup man killed in shooting spree

PUYALLUP  --  Hundreds of neighbors filled the chairs Wednesday night at Aylen Junior High School in Puyallup, hoping to learn more about Tuesday's deadly shooting rampage.

The shootings left one man dead and 14 homes riddled with bullet holes .

A few blocks away from the meeting, a memorial is growing.

“It’s really made us treasure each other, certainly treasure our families, but also pull together as a neighborhood and treasure the people that we have here with us.  We will miss him,” says Christoph Erhardt.

Neighbors call Richard Johnson a beloved husband, father and grandpa.  Detectives say the suspect, Nathen Terault, shot Johnson after the 71-year-old confronted him as he climbed on top of his truck.

Police say Johnson had gone into the pickup truck to see what Terault was up to when he was shot and killed.

Johnson's close friends say they're not surprised he'd speak up if he saw something wrong.

And just 24 hours after experiencing so much chaos and confusion -- bullets flying through homes,  a car crashing through a garage -- neighbors want to keep the focus on those most deserving.