Meet the new boss of Pike Place Fish Market, same as the old boss

SEATTLE - Pike Place Fish Market is under new ownership, but luckily for many tourists and visitors the new owners are very familiar with the traditions of the Seattle stable.

For many, Pike Place Market is a must-do when visiting Seattle and among the shops and restaurants, there is one location many people say you can’t miss.

“There is nothing more Seattle than seeing salmon flying,” said Rob Vanadrichem.

Vanadrichem says it’s been 20 years since he has been in Seattle. Now, he is returning with his own family and wants to give them the same memorable experience he had two decades ago when he visited the Pike Place Fish Market.

“A lot of fun; a lot of noise; a lot action,” he said.

But the fish market isn’t just for tourist.

“It’s a staple for me; it’s a staple for our city,” said Flabiano Macon.

Macon grew up in Seattle. He says the Pike Place Fish Market is a big part of what growing up in the city meant for him.

Both Macon and Vanadrichem say they were concerned the Seattle tradition of the fish market would change when new owners came in.

However, they say their confident that won’t be the case knowing the new are all long-term Pike Place Fish Market employees.

“That might deepen the value of the market now, I’m extremely happy you talk about that dynamic roller coaster of emotions,” said Macon.

The historic fish market has sat in Pike Place Market for about 90 years. This is the first time the Pike Place Fish Market has had new ownership since the 60s.